Concussion resources for parents, teachers and coaches

A concussion is a brain injury that needs to be diagnosed by a physician or nurse practitioner. These health care professionals make a diagnosis by examining the symptoms the patient has and the history of how the injury occurred.

However, in order for the person with a concussion to receive the best follow-up treatment, a collaborative team approach is required. This means that the person with a concussion, parents and/or guardians, health care providers, school staff and coaches are all involved in concussion care.

It’s important that parents have open lines of communications with their child’s school in order to help coordinate their progressive return to learning and physical activities. In order to help with this process, the NB Trauma program has worked in collaboration with the Francophone South School District Concussion Workgroup to develop a series of valuable concussion resources. We encourage you to click on the links below in order to obtain an electronic copy of each resource.

If you require more information about these concussion resources, please contact the NB Trauma Program at If you think you, your child, your student or athlete may have a concussion, please seek a consultation with a physician or a nurse practitioner as soon as possible.

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