Field Trauma Triage (FTT)

After paramedics assess and treat a trauma patient at the scene of an injury, they apply a tool called Field Trauma Triage (FTT). In New Brunswick, every paramedic is trained in the use of the NB Field Trauma Triage Guidelines developed by the NB Trauma Program.

The guidelines consider physiological, anatomical and mechanism of injury criteria. Trauma patients with qualifying injuries are either taken to the closest available Emergency Department (if an immediate life threat is present) or to a Level 1, 2 or 3 Trauma Centre for care. This process ensures that patients with major injuries are taken directly to a facility that is best equipped to help them. Level 5 Trauma Centres also play a key role, offering emergency interventions for those with an immediate life threat and by offering care to trauma patients whose injuries do not qualify them for bypass to a larger facility.

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