NB Trauma Program Develops Simulation Program for Trauma Patients

The NB Trauma Program is developing a mobile simulation-based learning program for emergency care of major trauma patients in New Brunswick Trauma Centres. The mobile solution will bring any required training equipment and faculty to various emergency departments. This allows real-life simulation opportunities for physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists within their usual work environments, using usual equipment and working with usual team members. Education is provided using high fidelity simulation mannequins and real paramedics and ambulance services.

Our simulation program is unique compared to other national simulation program. Our program comes to your emergency department and delivers simulation education locally. Other programs require travel to a centre to receive training, outside the providers real work environment.

The first module in the simulation program will be airway management and post intubation sedation/analgesia. Modules will be linked to our developed clinical practice guidelines. The simulation program is part of the suite of educational programs offered by the NB Trauma Program including TNCC, ATLS, and RTTDC. The goal of this program is to enhance and improve team human performance in critical trauma situations, improve local systems of trauma care, and standardize approach to trauma patient management beyond ATLS.

If you’re interested in being a part of this program or for more information, contact the NB Trauma Program at (506) 648-8040 or NBTrauma@HorizonNB.ca.

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