Dear ED Nurse Managers & Nurses,

As follow up to our January 2019 memo regarding TNCC, the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) has confirmed that the 8th edition of TNCC will be released this spring.

The NB Trauma Program is currently ensuring that all our TNCC Instructors complete the required Instructor Update. As a result, our spring 2019 course offering for TNCC will be the last of the 7th edition courses; beginning in the fall of 2019, all TNCC courses offered by the NB Trauma Program will be 8th edition offerings. We will be finalizing fall 2019 course dates soon and will share these when confirmed. The current registration form for the spring 2019 courses can be found online at:

This new edition of TNCC features:

  • Pre-course completion of 4 hours of online modules
  • Pre-course study of the revised, in-depth provider manual
  • On-site learning x 2 days (a reduction from the current 2.5 days)
  • Post-learning, 50-question online exam

The new approach ENA has taken with the 8th edition requires participants to arrive fully prepared with online modules complete and provider manual fully reviewed. If registrants arrive without proof of completion of online modules they will not be permitted to participate and departments will still be responsible for the students’ fees.

Beginning this fall, we are also switching to an online registration system. This will require payment at the time of registration, either by credit card or PayPal. Students apply for reimbursement from their manager. Approved requests for reimbursement are typically processed within a week, with reimbursements being deposited directly to the students’ bank account.

Please post this memo in your Department

Shelley Woodford – Trauma Coordinator (Office 857-5912)

Stacey MacEachern – Trauma Nurse, Course Director TNCC (Office 870-2465)


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