Trauma Rounds

Provincial Trauma Rounds are a great educational opportunity on a variety of multidisciplinary trauma-related topics.

Provincial Trauma Rounds are offered on:

  • The last Wednesday of the month throughout January, March, May, September and November from 8:00 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the Saint John Regional Hospital.
  • In February, April and October from 8:00 a.m. to 9 a.m at The Moncton Hospital.

Everyone is welcome! If you are not at the host trauma centre on the day of the presentation, you can participate through WebEx and teleconference. Please call 506-648-8040 for details prior to the presentation or if you are a healthcare professional interested in presenting.

Most past provincial Trauma Round presentations are available on DVD upon request.

Past topics and speakers include:

January 27, 2010
Head Injury: Trauma and Transfer
Dr. Michael Howlett and Dr. Paul Keyes – SJRH

March 31, 2010
NB Trauma Program Update
Ian Watson, NB Trauma Program

May 26, 2010
Trauma – How FAST Should We Image?
Dr. Paul Atkinson – SJRH

September 29, 2010
Traumatic Atlanto-Occiputal Dislocations
Dr. George Kolyvas – SJRH

October 27, 2010
The NB Trauma Program: Progress & Priorities
Dr. Marcel Martin and Ian Watson, NB Trauma Program
Renee-Danielle Boulay, Ambulance NB

November 24, 2010
New Brunswickers are Dying? What Can We Do About It?
Ann Hogan, Trauma Coordinator NB Trauma Program – SJRH
Trauma Mortality Through the (Living) Eyes of the Pathologist
Dr. Ken Obenson, Forensic Pathologist SJRH

January 26, 2011
General review of Cardio-Thoracic Trauma
Dr. Marc Pelletier, Cardiac Surgeon, NB Heart Centre

March 30, 2011
Head Injuries
Dr. Andree LeRoux, Department of Neurosurgery – SJRH

April 27, 2011
Performance in Healthcare
Dr. Marcel Martin, NB Trauma Program

May 25, 2011
Damage Control Fluid Resuscitation in Trauma
Dr. Andrew Clark, Department of Anaesthesia – SJRH

September 28, 2011
Orthopedic Trauma in the Elderly
Dr. James Wagg, Department of Orthopedics – SJRH

November 30, 2011
Trauma and the Elderly
Dr. Hari Ondiveeran, Department of Surgery – SJRH
Dr. Pamela Jarrett, Geriatric Medicine – St. Joseph’s Hospital

January 25, 2012
Head and Spine Trauma in the Elderly
Dr. Andre le Roux and Dr. George Kolyvas, Department of Neurosurgery – SJRH

March 28, 2012
Provincial Morbidity and Mortality Rounds in Trauma…lessons learned
Ian Watson, NB Trauma Program
Dr. Marcel Martin, NB Trauma Program

April 25, 2012
Plastic Surgery in NB Trauma: A Provincial Call System
Dr. Brent Howley, Department of Plastic Surgery – TMH

May 30, 2012
Massive Transfusion in Major Trauma – a provincial approach
Dr. Rajappannair, Laboratory Medicine Hematopathologist – SJRH

October 31, 2012
Open Fractures 2012: Management & Timing to Surgery
Dr. Mike Forsythe – TMH

November 28, 2012
Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Thoracolumber Trauma
Dr. Neil Manson – SJRH

January 30, 2013
Penetrating Injuries: Impacted Cranial Objects
Dr. Andre le Roux – SJRH

February 27, 2013
Management of Blunt Chest Trauma
Dr. Aneil Mujoomdar – TMH

March 27, 2013
Vascular Trauma: An Overview
Dr. Patrick Omotoso – SJRH

April 24, 2013
Pediatric Trauma – The Basics and Beyond
Dr. Angie LeGresley and Tracey Chesser-Murphy – TMH

May 29, 2013
Use of Tranexamic Acid in Trauma and Implementation of the New Brunswick Trauma Massive Transfusion Policy
Dr. Paul Atkinson and Dr. Michael Howlett – SJRH

June 26, 2013
Trauma Transfer and More: A Year in Review
New Brunswick Trauma Program – TMH

September 25, 2013
Sport-Related Concussion Update:  What’s all the commotion about?
Dr. Jennifer Fletcher – SJRH

October 30, 2013
Management of Burns
Dr. Scott Wilson and Dr. Ali Husain – TMH

November 27, 2013
Ocular Emergencies
Dr. Chris Symonds – SJRH

January 29, 2014
Blunt Chest trauma – A team approach
Dr. Hasain, Dr. Howlett, Dr. Johnston and Dr. Archer – SJRH

February 26, 2014
Hypertonic Saline vs. Mannitol, when and why?
Dr. Dhany Charest – TMH

March 26, 2014
Lower extremity trauma – Current Approaches to Initial and Long-Term Management
Dr. Josh Mayich – SJRH

April 30, 2014
Medical and Surgical Management of Acute Maxillofacial Trauma
Dr. Nach Daniel – TMH

May 28, 2014
The Top Ten in Trauma 2014
Ian Watson – SJRH

September 24, 2014
New Brunswick’s Coroner Service
Greg Forestell – SJRH

October 29, 2014
Damage Control Orthopedics
Dr. Brian Smilovici – TMH

November 26, 2014
Are you prepared…Emergency Department Rapid sequence intubation and post-intubation sedation
Dr. Erik St. Pierre – SJRH

March 25, 2015
The whys and wherefores of how to get an autopsy done
Dr. Ken Obenson – SJRH

April 29, 2015
Simulation in Trauma Education: Technology and Technique
Dr. Gary Duguay – TMH

May 27, 2015
The Top Ten in Trauma – 2015
NB Trauma Program Staff – SJRH

September 30, 2015
Orthopaedic Trauma Case Discussion
Dr. James Wagg, SJRH

October 28, 2015
New and Emerging technologies in Trauma and Trauma Systems management
Dr. Michael Crozier, General Surgeon, TMH

November 25, 2015
How to eat elephant with a research knife and fork
Dr. James French, Emergency Physician, SJRH

January 27, 2016
Rehabilitation within the New Brunswick trauma network… case presentation
Dr. Patti Forgeron, SJRH

March 30, 2016
ACLS sucks in Blunt Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
Dr. James French, Emergency Physician, SJRH

April 27, 2016
NB Organ Procurement Program: Where we are and where we’re going
Dr. Robert Adams, Neurosurgeon TMH, Medical Director Organ Procurement Program NB

May 26, 2016
The NB Trauma Program – Where to from here?
Dr. Tushar Pishe, Provincial Medical Director, NB Trauma Program

September 28, 2016
The role of interventional radiology in the management of trauma.
Dr. Jake Swan, SJRH

October 26, 2016
Pelvic trauma
Dr. Louis Leblond, TMH

November 30, 2016
Splenic trauma
Dr. Sharon Chiu, SJRH

January 25, 2017
Managing large scale incidents – An introduction to Health Emergency Management
Sharf Chowdury, SJRH

February 22, 2017
ROTEM: Applications for New Brunswick
Dr. Michael Crozier, Dr. David Cohen, Dr. Hakan Buyukdere – TMH

March 29, 2017
Trauma and Obesity
Dr. Hari Ondiveeran, SJRH

May 31, 2017
Education, Simulation and Surgical Airways – the first 6 months of Mobile Simulation with the NB Trauma Program
Dr. James French, Emergency Physician, SJRH

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