Toll-free Trauma Line

The Toll free trauma referral system (TFTRS) is a series of coordinated, pre-defined steps that are taken when a physician caring for a major trauma patient calls a toll free line and establishes contact with the Trauma Control Physician.

A call to the TFTRS automatically starts a cascade of decisions and activity that ensures staff and physicians at sending hospitals can focus on what’s most important – caring for the patient.

All required transfer arrangements are started automatically, as is destination selection and notifications. Finally, all calls to the TFTRS are recorded, allowing review of call management and further process improvements where required.

The Toll-Free Trauma Referral System was implemented to ensure emergency department physicians have 24/7 access to physicians who have specialized training and experience in trauma care. The Toll-Free Trauma Referral System also ensures a timely transfer process for patients requiring advanced trauma care.

The Trauma Control Physician (TCP) is the physician who is available 24/7 to other physicians through use of the TFTRS. The TCP has training and experience in trauma care, and provides initial clinical advice on the care of the major trauma patient. The TCP also selects and notifies the most appropriate destination Trauma Centre for the major trauma patent, and works with the communications centre at Ambulance NB to ensure the seamless transfer of the patient.

Below are some resources for Trauma Transfers:

Trauma Transfer Guidelines

Trauma Transfer Checklist

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