Everyday life looks different during COVID-19

Everyday life looks different during COVID-19. It’s not full of our usual activities, taking children to piano lessons, attending sporting events or meeting up with friends and family. There is a new layer of uncertainty with all the daily life changes from COVID-19 and what this means to us and those we love. To adjust to these unique circumstances as the weather gets nicer out and we engage in activities that follow social distancing measures, here are a list of resources we have compiled:

  1. Home Safety and Checklist for Parents and Guardians
  2.  Poison in the home
  3. Bicycle and ATV Safety
  4. Recognise the signs and symptoms of a concussion
  5. Movement and Activity Guidelines
  6. Thinking about purchasing a Trampoline

As we return to activities or start new ones remember to limit distractions when cycling, riding your ATV or taking your motorbike out for a spin. Keep in mind that distracted driving is a contributing factor in many collisions – on and off the road.

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